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February 15, 2017

warning OnePortal Rapid Upgrades
Status: Resolved
11:08 AM CST We will upgrade the infrastructure powering the OnePortal Rapid cloud to the Newton release of OpenStack. During this upgrade, intermittent, brief API or cloud control panel outages may occur. In our staging environment we have completed the upgrade with no impact to online instances by utilizing live-migration when necessary, and we will make every attempt to eliminate impact to cloud instances during this maintenance. However, in situations where live-migration fails, there is a possibility that instances may require we perform a reboot on the instance. If this occurs it will cause a brief interruption while the instance boots back up. We will be monitoring for this scenario closely and will take proactive measures if this occurs, but please don't hesitate to open a support ticket if you feel your instance may be affected.
02:28 PM CST The maintenance is completed and all hypervisors have been rebooted to Newton. We did not observe any interruption in service to instances during the maintenance as live migration was used to facilitate the rolling reboot.